air conditioning repair watkinsville

Living without air conditioning in Georgia isn’t just hard, it can be dangerous, too! After all, you don’t want the people or the animals in your home to get too hot! That’s why we always have AC repair technicians standing by, ready and waiting to help you out. Whether your air conditioning repair in Watkinsville, GA is routine or it’s an emergency, we’ll get things fixed fast so you can get back to living your life.


If you’re roasting at home even when your air conditioning is on, it’s usually pretty clear that it’s time to call in some help for air conditioning service in Watkinsville. However, there are other AC repair problems that can be harder to notice. If you experience one of these, call us today!

  • Your AC seems to run all the time. In an ideal situation, your AC should run just long enough to cool your home to the temperature you chose on your thermostat. Then, it should turn off until your home heats back up again. If it’s not getting this rest, you can burn out your motor or spend too much on energy. Call us to get your AC cycling properly again.
  • Your AC turns off and on rapidly. Your AC should have fairly extended periods of being off and on, depending on how hot it is outside and how cool you want it to be in the house. If it is off and on constantly, call for repairs.
  • You have to keep changing your thermostat to stay cool. Most thermostats are made to be set once. If you have to keep moving the temperature around, chances are there’s a communication issue between the thermostat and the AC.
  • Your AC makes noises you haven’t heard before. You probably hear your AC running in the background all the time. If it starts making sounds you haven’t heard, call us for repair. We’ll get it sounding normal again soon!

There’s no AC repair in Watkinsville we won’t do for you! Call Service First Pros today to get one of the best HVAC technicians in the area on your case. We’ll get to you fast, determine what is causing your problem, and fix your AC as soon as possible. Make your AC repair appointment online today so you don’t have to wait anymore!