If you are searching for a reliable company to put in a new cooling system at your property in High Shoals, stop your search at Service First Pros. We offer top-of-the-line services for AC unit installation, so whether you need one put in because your old one is broken or old, we can get you set up with a new one. If you’ve called us for AC repairs in High Shoals, but think it’s time to replace your unit, reach out to our experts today!


Our team of experts is happy to help you decide on which kind of cooling system you should invest in for your High Shoals home or business. We can come out to take a look at the specifics of your property and to discuss with you what your needs are for energy-efficiency, how cool you like to keep the interior of the building, and what your budget is for AC installation costs. After going over all the factors, we can steer you towards a model that will work best for your situation. It could be that a conventional unit is optimal, or perhaps a having heat pump put in or a mini split AC installed could benefit you.


When you hire us to come install an AC unit at your property, we know you are placing your trust in our expertise, and we won’t let you down. We show up on time, work professionally and respectfully at your property, and make sure that everything is done by-the-book and according to manufacturer specifications so that you are able to use the warranties if needed. We also offer a great opportunity where our customers can try out a new system for 12 months and have it swapped out if it’s not up to par, a 1-year “no breakdown warranty, and when you purchase Asure Warranty, you get 10 years Parts & Labor!


Contact Service First Pros about our air conditioning installation services. We have a team of HVAC professionals who can come to your place in High Shoals and get you equipped with a brand new cooling system that is tailored for your specific needs. Get in touch with one of our heating and air conditioning contractors in High Shoals today!