When it’s time to get a new air conditioner in Auburn, GA, the experts at Service First Pros will help you get the perfect new air conditioner for your home. Whether you need a traditional A/C or a mini-split A/C installation, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable at home again before we leave.


Many homeowners worry about A/C installation cost and we understand that. After all, this is a significant investment for your home and your family! Sometimes it helps to see A/C unit installation as an investment you’re making in your family’s wellness and in your home, especially if you find yourself calling for a lot of AC repairs.

Still, you want to make sure you’re investing wisely! Here are some times when it might be best to get an air conditioning installation:

  • Your current A/C unit is at the end of its lifespan and you don’t want to risk having it break down during the hottest days of summer.
  • Your current A/C needs repairs that cost more than half of what it would cost to replace the unit.
  • You have been calling us regularly for air conditioning repairs in Auburn, even if they are small. Frequent repairs indicate problems that an installation could take care of.
  • You are too hot at home and have determined that your A/C unit is too small for your house. The only way to fix this is to put in a new A/C.


Give us a call at Service First Pros, let us know you’re interested in an A/C unit installation, and we’ll send out one of our HVAC professionals right away. We’ll match you with an A/C unit or mini-split A/C that fits your current system and your needs, then install it for you according to manufacturer specifications. Before you know it, you’ll be comfortable at home again.

Call Service First Pros today to start your air conditioning installation as soon as possible! And be sure to ask about our other AC Services in Auburn too!