Furnace Repairs in Auburn

Heating Services in Athens

If your system is beyond heating repairs in Athens, call Service First Pros to get a new heater installed. Our skilled technicians love to help people live well and stay comfortable all winter long. No matter whether you need furnace services or boiler services, we’ll work hard until your expectations are met. Stop worrying and call us now!

Heating Maintenance

Our heating service in Athens includes heating maintenance. Call us before you try to use your heater each fall. We’ll come out to:

  • Change your filters. We can show you how to change them, as well.
  • Clean out dust or debris that can cause your heater to work too hard.
  • Visually inspect your whole HVAC system.
  • Test each part of your heater to ensure it’s working according to manufacturer specifications.

If we find problems while we’re doing maintenance, we’ll let you know and come up with a plan to get them fixed ASAP. Then you’ll know that your heater should be reliable all winter.

Heating Installations

Your trustworthy heating company in Athens can help you get a new heater, too. Whether yours has stopped working or it’s getting old and you want to replace it before it does, we’ll match you with a great new heater based on:

  • Your home’s square footage.
  • Your heating patterns, including how often you turn on your heater and how warm you keep your home.
  • Your energy-saving preferences.

We perform our heating installations according to manufacturer specifications and we’ll test the new heater before we leave. That way, you’ll know that you have the heat you need this winter.

Contact us at Service First Pros today for any heating services in Athens! We’ll have someone out to you in Athens fast and get you the heat you need ASAP.