A/C tune-up

Are you struggling with your air conditioning Before you start considering a new ac installation in Alpharetta, GA, call us at Service First Pros and we can perform any amount of air conditioning repairs in Alpharetta to keep your home cool all summer long!


There’s no AC repair in Alpharetta that we won’t do for you. In fact, our technicians have the training and the skills to do anything and everything when it comes to fixing your air conditioning. We’ll make sure your air conditioning repair in Alpharetta, GA gets handled quickly, easily, and with as little hassle as possible.

Our technicians see their work as something that goes beyond fixing problems with your air conditioning. When we do AC repairs in Alpharetta, they know that they are helping you live your best life. They know that you need to be cool and comfortable in Georgia’s hot, humid summers and they will do everything they can to keep you and your family at the temperature you desire by doing your air conditioning repair in Alpharetta, GA.


Did you know that performing regular AC maintenance can help extend its life and can save you money? It’s like an AC check up, similar to what you get when you go to the doctor for your physical every year. And just like your physical helps you catch problems with your body before they become a big deal, your air conditioning checkup helps us find out if anything is wrong with your air conditioner before you have to pay a lot of money for a huge fix or even to replace the unit.

When we do air conditioning maintenance, we come in and check every component of your air conditioner against the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll make sure that each component is working just the way you need it to in order to have an air conditioner that cools your house all summer long.

We will also change your filters, if you have them, and clean out any parts of your air conditioner that can gather dust or debris. This allows air to flow smoothly through your air conditioner again so it doesn’t have to work as hard pulling air in through layers of dirt. This can save energy, money on energy costs, and keep you from having to buy a new unit so frequently.


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