AC and Heater Repair in Auburn, GA

Service First Pros has over 13 years of experience repairing air conditioning and heating systems. You don’t need to look any further than us for your air conditioner repair in Auburn, Georgia. You can also count on us for your heater repair in Auburn, Georgia. We don’t just bring our vast experience and knowledge to each job. We also bring honesty, integrity, and the best customer service in town. We want you to rely on us for all of your air conditioning and heating service and repair needs.

Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Air Conditioner

Let’s talk about your air conditioner first. One of the best things you can do for your air conditioning unit is to have it serviced annually in the spring. This ensures that you have plenty of refrigerant in the system and that all of the parts are working as they should be. Failing to maintain your air conditioner will reduce its lifespan. It will also increase the risk of expensive repairs. For example, an air conditioner that isn’t maintained properly will suffer from the following issues:

  • The unit may not turn on at all
  • The unit may blow hot air
  • Condensation may freeze on the outside of the unit
  • The air conditioner might leak refrigerant or water
  • You might hear strange air conditioning noises
  • The evaporator coil might freeze
  • The AC unit’s electric controller might fail
  • The drainage system might clog
  • The unit might experience sensor problems

All of these things can affect how well your air conditioning unit performs. In addition, the unit will need to be repaired in order for it to cool your home in the summer effectively. Again, you can count on us for AC repair in Auburn, GA, but why open yourself up to the need for repairs when we can service it each year to make sure it always runs at its best?

Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Heater

Now let’s talk about your heater. As with your air conditioner, you can count on us for furnace repair in Auburn, GA. We’d be happy to inspect your furnace to determine why it isn’t operating normally. Once we find the problem, we will explain it to you in detail and provide a comprehensive estimate for the repairs. Common problems with furnaces include

  • Clogged filters
  • Worn parts
  • Dead ignitions
  • Unlit pilots
  • Thermostat troubles
  • Cold air production
  • Frequent cycling

We can help with our services for heater repair in Auburn, GA. As with your air conditioner, you can also avoid the need for heater repair by allowing us to service your heater every fall.

We are Service First Pros in Auburn, GA, and, again, we are an honest and reliable AC and heating repair company. Call us today for more information.


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