WOW Service Guarantee!

WOW Service Guarantee

We promise you that we will do more than any other HVAC company in Northeast Georgia. We will be available to you 24/7 (even on holidays!) and we guarantee that all heating and cooling system repairs will be completed within 48 hours. We will even provide you with portable heating or cooling units while you are waiting for us to finish our work. We call ourselves the Service First Pros and we mean it, with every fiber of our beings!

We’ll Solve Your Problem, Fast!

We promise that we will get your problem solved fast! We’ll send out one of our highly skilled technicians as soon as possible. You won’t have to wait, because we are never late! Our tech will head straight to work, troubleshooting your HVAC system and figuring out what has gone wrong. Once we know what the problem is, we’ll get it fixed fast. In fact, we promise that your unit will be working again within 48 hours, no matter what the problem is.

Free Estimates on New Equipment

Do you need new components for your heating or cooling systems? We will come to you completely free and get you an estimate on the cost to replace those pieces if you work with us. There are no strings attached to this estimate. You can look at it and choose whether or not you want to work with us.