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What Do You Need to Know about Allergies and Your HVAC System?

Allergies can truly make your life miserable, especially if you’re not sure what’s causing the allergic reaction. Reactions can range from respiratory issues to skin irritation and more. Service First Pros hates to say it, but your HVAC system could be causing some of your allergy miseries. If your air filters are clogged and you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned in you-don’t-know-how long, it’s possible your allergies are related to dander, dirt, dust, and pollen caught up in your HVAC system.

Getting to the Source of Your Allergies

Your medical professional can help determine precisely what you are allergic to with allergy testing. This testing can diagnose multiple allergic conditions, including:

  • Hay fever
  • Food allergies
  • Bee and wasp venom allergies
  • Allergic asthma
  • Dermatitis
  • Penicillin allergies
  • Pet allergies
  • Pollen allergies

Having a full understanding of your own allergic conditions gives you an opportunity to avoid allergens entirely. For example, you can reduce pollen allergies with regular HVAC system cleaning.

Allergy Testing Can Be Done in Less Than an Hour

One misconception about allergy testing is that it can take a long time to do and to get results. But the truth is that allergy tests can be done very quickly. They also don’t hurt, although there might be a little bit of irritation if you’re allergic to one of the substances in the test. The most common test is the skin prick test, which involves lancets that only penetrate the upper layers of the skin’s surface. 

You’ll Have Results Right Away

The best news is that you’ll have results about your allergens right there and then. As your skin reacts or doesn’t react, that’s the information needed to determine what your allergies are. This allows you to have a thorough understanding of what you need to do going forward in order to manage your allergies in the best way for you.

HVAC Cleaning Can Help

If it ends up that you are allergic to pollen or pet dander, cleaning your HVAC system, especially your air ducts, can help remove these allergens from the air every time your air conditioner or heater turns on. You are also armed with the knowledge that you need better air filters, such as ones specifically for allergies, to protect you from the irritating substances.

Spring is almost here so it’s time for an annual air conditioner inspection and maintenance visit. Call Service First Pros today to schedule an appointment. Let us know what your doctor said about your allergies so we can try to ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t irritate you in the spring or summer. We are the best HVAC service and repair center in Auburn, GA.

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