Maintain Your A/C Early to Avoid the Inevitable Wait in the Spring!

Get Your AC Maintenance in Braselton Before It Gets Hot

Most people don’t think about the state of their air conditioner until the first heat wave comes through in the spring. That’s when we get so many calls about air conditioner maintenance that we can’t keep up with them. Customers end up waiting several days or even weeks to get their A/C tune-up in because all of our technicians are already so busy.

Don’t wait until it’s 80 degrees outside to get your A/C maintenance scheduled. Did you know that we can do it for you right now so you won’t have to suffer through several hot days before we can get to you later? Now is the perfect time to ask yourself, “Is my air conditioning ready for summer?”

It’s also the perfect time to call us for service. If your air conditioner is outside in the sun or inside in a warm, tight space, it’s a lot easier on our technicians to get the work done now, rather than waiting until the summer sun will bake them.

At Service First Pros, we can do even better than just doing an air conditioning check-up. Our Triple Play offer brings out technicians to examine and perform maintenance on your heating, cooling, and plumbing all at the same time. We’ll look at all three systems to make sure they’re working well. If we find anything that needs air conditioning repair, we’ll get that done for you before summer begins to make its presence known!

We’ll get your A/C running great before summer hits. When your neighbors are waiting for their A/C company to show up, you’ll already be cool inside, thanks to Service First Pros. If you haven’t called us before, call us now to find out why your neighbors always recommend our technicians.

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