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Five Common Heating Problems You Don’t Need This Winter

Winter is upon us and so are the holidays. This is a favorite time of the year for so many. You’ve got a lot to do this month, and you cannot be bothered with heating problems in your home. Voted the Home Advisor’s “Best Of” for the last three years, Service First Pros can fix any heating problem you might have. Here are five common furnace problems that often make people’s winters cold and miserable.

1. Heat Cycling

Heat cycling means your furnace keeps turning on and off even though it isn’t that cold outside. The reason why the heater keeps turning back on is that something is preventing the thermostat from reading the indoor temperature correctly. Things that can cause this include a clogged or dirty air filter or a dirty heating system blower. The thermostat could also be malfunctioning, but more on that below.

2. Heat That’s Uneven

Another common heating problem people face in the winter is inconsistent heating. This means that one room in your home is toasty warm and another one is icy cold. This could be attributed to your home’s layout, improper window sealing in one room, or a problem with the heater or air duct system. If the heater’s air handler is malfunctioning or you have clogged air ducts, the home’s heat will not be even.

3. No Heat

The last thing you want, especially around the holidays, is to turn on your heater and have nothing happen. It could be that the thermostat has failed, the heater motor or blower has died, or the furnace’s pilot light is out. In some cases, you might get lukewarm or cold air blowing out of the vents, or the heater might not turn on at all. Fall heater maintenance helps prevent heater failures in the winter.

4. Thermostat Problems

We’ve mentioned the thermostat a couple of times above and it, too, can make for a cold winter. Depending on your thermostat’s age, you might not have a heater problem at all. Rather, the thermostat could be dying or dead. If the heat is cycling a lot, if the house doesn’t reach the desired temperature or gets too hot, or if the heater doesn’t turn on at all, you might need a new thermostat.

5. Carbon Monoxide Leaking

The most dangerous heating problem in the winter is carbon monoxide. We cannot stress enough how important fall heater maintenance is to ensure you don’t end up with carbon monoxide in your home. This dangerous gas is odorless and colorless, meaning you won’t know you’re inhaling it until it’s too late. Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors every winter for added protection.

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