AC and Heater Repair in Athens, GA

Look no further than Service First Pros in Athens, Georgia for all of your air conditioning and heating service and repair. We are an experienced company that believes in integrity and honesty. You can count on us to maintain or repair your HVAC unit when it needs it. We recommend regular maintenance to prevent the necessity of repairs. Let’s talk about the things that can go wrong with air conditioners and heaters below. Don’t worry. We can fix any problem.

Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Air Conditioner

It’s odd to talk about air conditioners in December, but we are a full-service air conditioning and heating company, which means you don’t need to look any further than us for your air conditioner repair in Athens, GA. If you fail to service your AC once a year, many things can go wrong with it. Here is a list of the common air conditioning problems that we fix for our customers:

  • An air conditioning unit that won’t turn on
  • An air conditioning unit that blows hot air
  • Frozen condensation outside of the unit
  • Air conditioner refrigerant leaks
  • Strange noises coming from the air conditioner
  • A frozen evaporator coil
  • An AC unit electric control failure
  • An AC unit that leaks water
  • Air conditioning unit drainage problems
  • Air conditioning unit sensor problems.

We can maintain your air conditioner to help prevent these problems in the first place. This being said, if you end up needing AC repair in Athens, GA, you can count on us to fix what’s wrong. We will inspect the unit thoroughly and discuss with you in detail what it will take to fix it. If your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, we can do that, too.

Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Heater

It makes more sense to talk about the heater in December, and you want to be able to rely on yours all winter long. When it comes to heater repair in Athens, GA, you can count on us. We have vast experience in repairing all types of heater systems, and, as with air conditioners, we also maintain them to help you avoid the need for repairs. Some of the things we fix in heaters include

  • Replacing dirty filters
  • Replacing worn parts
  • Fixing electric ignition problems
  • Fixing pilot control problems
  • Repairing a malfunctioning thermostat
  • Repairing a furnace that blows cold air
  • Repairing a furnace that cycles frequently

All of these things can affect how well your heater warms your house as well as how efficie

ntly it runs. For example, if you need your heater repaired, you may notice a significant increase in your utility bills.

Service First Pros in Athens, GA, is your one-stop shop for all of your AC and heater service and repair needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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